If you'd like an email, push notification or both to be sent to an Employee, Manger or Administrator you can do this from the Alerts & Reminders page. 

Once on the Alerts & Reminder page, you'll want to select +Add a New Alert. You'll then be asked to enter a name for the (which will be included in the reminder message) and select the Type of reminder you want to create. In this case, you'll want to select Punch In Reminder as shown below:

The Punch In Reminder is unique in that it can be setup based on the time of day or for an employees break/lunch.


Time of Day Punch In Reminder

If you'd like the reminder to be sent out during a specific time of the day, then use the Time of Day option. Set the time for each day of the week needed, decide you you'd like the reminder to be sent to and using which method (Email, Push or Both). Assign your employees and save! 


Break/Lunch Punch In Reminder

If you'd like to remind an employee to punch back in after a certain amount of time, say after 30 minutes of lunch, you can use the Break/Lunch option. You can specify a timeframe and how long an employee needs to be punched out before the punch in reminder will trigger. 

Don't forget to specify who the message should be sent to, which method and assign your employees. Just save when done! 

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