If you'd like to send out a time card approval email or push notification reminder to your Managers or Administrators you will first want to visit Settings --> Alerts & Reminders:

Once on the Alert & Reminders page, select +Add a New Alert/Reminder:

  1. You will want to enter a name for the reminder. Please Note: The name you enter here will show up in the email and push notification that is sent out.

  2. Select the type of reminder you'd like to create - in this case it would be the Approve Time Card Reminder.

  3. Select whether you'd like the reminder to be sent out before or after the pay period ends and how many days. 

  4. Select which user the reminder should go out to (Administrator or Manager) and the notification method. 

Once you've completed those steps, assign the reminder to your Managers or Administrators and save!

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