If you'd like to sync your schedule to Google Calendar, you will want to start by selecting Schedule from the top navigation within Buddy Punch: 

On the scheduling page, select the Options dropdown followed by Calendar Sync:

You will be presented with a popup that contains a URL. Select the Copy button to copy the URL to your clipboard:

You will then want to open your Google Calendar and select the + button located on the left hand side of the screen under Other calendars:

Next choose the From URL option:

This is where you'll enter the URL that was previously copied from within Buddy Punch. After you enter the URL select Add calendar:

Now that you've added the schedule to your calendar, you will see shifts as well as the name of the calendar under the Other calendars section: 

If you'd like to change the settings for the schedule calendar, you can do so by hovering over the name and selecting the three dot menu. To delete the schedule calendar select the X button.

Please note: Google Calendar only refreshes feeds every 8 hours, so you won't see published schedules show up immediately. 

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