Employees can switch their Location or Department on our website or mobile app without having to completely punch out. 

Here are the steps that outline the switch process on our website:

  1. First the employee should login to their account.

  2. If they are punched in, they will now see a "Switch" button below the Punch Out button as shown below:

3. They will they be asked to able to select the Department/Location they'd like to switch to and add notes if needed. To confirm the switch, they'll want to select the "Switch Now" button. 

If an employee made a mistake and they don't need to switch, they can simply click the "Cancel Switch" button.

Switch In App

To switch on the app, you will want to login and select the Punch In/Out option from the menu, if not already on the punch page.

1. Once on the punch page, you will want to select the "Switch" button as shown in the left image below.

2. Now that you're on the switch page, you can change your shift (if scheduling is enabled) as well as your Department, Location and Position. Once done click the "Switch Now" button.

3. Your punch will be saved and you'll receive a confirmation message stating that "You have been switched."

The view the full article outside of the chat window, please click here.

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