Overview: The Schedule Log allows you to see which Manager or Administrator made changes to the schedule. This includes who created, deleted, published, or edited a shift on any given day.

Common Use Cases: The Schedule Log can be used in the event you need to audit or review your scheduling process.


Viewing & Running the Schedule Log

Exporting the Schedule Log

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Viewing & Running the Schedule Log

1. To view the schedule log, start by clicking Schedule in the top navigation.

2. Once on the schedule page, click the Options menu button followed by Log:

3. Once on the Schedule Log page, select the filters you'd like to apply and click the Submit button once done. Information will then be populated based on your filter settings.


Exporting the Schedule Log

1. Once you've selected your filters and have submitted the report, you can then export that information using one of our export options. These include CSV, Excel, PDF, and a Print option:


Q: Can Managers access the Schedule Log?

A: Yes, Managers can access the Schedule Log. However, they can only see information for employees they have either View or Edit & Publish scheduling permissions over.

Q: Can Employees access the Schedule Log?

A: Yes, Employees can also access the Schedule Log. By default, they are only able to view their own Schedule Log information. However, if scheduling permissions are set to allow Employees to view everyone's schedule or view based on location/department/position assigned, they can run the Schedule Log on those users.

How do I change schedule view permissions?

How do I create a scheduling Manager?

How can I view an employee's schedule as a Manager or Administrator?

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