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Employee Error Log Report
Employee Error Log Report

An overview of the Employee Error Log report.

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Overview: The Employee Error Log allows you to see when an employee ran into an error when trying to punch time. Errors can trigger when using geofencing, IP address locks, punch limiting, or device locks.

Export options include:

  • CSV

  • Excel

  • PDF

  • Print

Additional Resources:

Run The Employee Error Log

1. Start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by Employee Error Log:

2. From there you can:

  • Select Employees

  • Select the error type (Geofence, Punch Limit, IP Address Lock, Device Lock)

  • Specify the Start/End Date

And Submit once done:

3. If you click the header, for example, "First Name", you can change the sorting of the report. You can then export via CSV, Excel, PDF, or Print the report:


Q: Can the employee error log information be backdated?

A: No, employee error log information will start being captured on the feature release date of 10/20/2020.

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