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How to Review or Update Employee or Contractor Payroll Details
How to Review or Update Employee or Contractor Payroll Details

Step-by-step instructions on how to view or update employee or contractor payroll data for year-end review.

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Overview: When it comes to payroll, the end of the year is a great time to check for inaccurate or outdated employee information since these inaccuracies can lead to costly delays, reprints of W-2s, and IRS-imposed penalties.

Important: If your employees/contractors worked from home, their home and work address will be the same.

If your employees/contractors worked from home or another remote location for part of the year, it’s important that you let us know before December 30th so we can make sure taxes are calculated and paid correctly.

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Review or Update Employee/Contractor Payroll Details

To review/update an employee or contractor's payroll information, start by clicking Payroll in the top navigation, followed by People.

You will then want to click View next to the name of an employee/contractor.

Once in their profile, click Edit in the top right-hand corner to edit demographic data like Address or Workplace. To change withholding or payment information, click Update next to Onboard Status:


Q: Can my employees update their own withholding or payment information?
A: Yes, you can choose Restart Onboarding in their profile, and an email will be sent to the employee with a link to update their information.

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