Overview: The decimal format is used throughout Buddy Punch and is not configurable. However, the Employee Detail Report and the Payroll Export show the hours in both formats.


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Converting Decimal to Hours/Minutes

1. Start by gathering the number you're wanting to convert. In this example, we'll be using 59.52.

  • The first number before the decimal represents the hours worked. Using the same example, the number of hours worked is 59.

  • You'll then want to take the number after the decimal, 0.52, and multiply it by 60 to get the number of minutes worked. 0.52*60=31

The employee has worked 59 hours and 31 minutes.

Viewing Hours/Minutes Format On Reports (Admin/Manager)

1. Start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by Employee Detail or Payroll Export:

2. When you run the Employee Detail Report, you will find a row specifically for the Hours & Minutes Format as shown below:

3. When you run the Payroll Export Report, you will find a column specifically for Hours & Minutes as shown below:

Viewing Hours/Minutes (Employee)

1. To view the hours/minutes worked for the current pay period, an employee can log in to their account and view this information on their dashboard:


Q: How do I convert the decimal to hours/minutes?

A: Please refer to the "Converting Decimal to Hours/Minutes" section for help with this conversion.

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