Overview: The decimal format is used throughout Buddy Punch and is not configurable. However, the Employee Detail Report and the Payroll Export show the hours in both formats.


Converting Decimal to Hours/Minutes

Viewing Hours/Minutes Format On Reports (Admin/Manager)

Viewing Hours/Minutes (Employee)

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Converting Decimal to Hours/Minutes

1. Start by gathering the number you're wanting to convert. In this example, we'll be using 59.52.

  • The first number before the decimal represents the hours worked. Using the same example, the number of hours worked is 59.

  • You'll then want to take the number after the decimal, 0.52, and multiply it by 60 to get the number of minutes worked. 0.52*60=31

The employee has worked 59 hours and 31 minutes.

Viewing Hours/Minutes Format On Reports (Admin/Manager)

1. Start by clicking Reports in the top navigation followed by Employee Detail or Payroll Export:

2. When you run the Employee Detail Report, you will find a row specifically for the Hours & Minutes Format as shown below:

3. When you run the Payroll Export Report, you will find a column specifically for Hours & Minutes as shown below:

Viewing Hours/Minutes (Employee)

1. To view the hours/minutes worked for the current pay period, an employee can log in to their account and view this information on their dashboard:


Q: How do I convert the decimal to hours/minutes?

A: Please refer to the "Converting Decimal to Hours/Minutes" section for help with this conversion.

Employee Detail Report

Payroll Export Report

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