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Add Punch Times as an Employee (Web/App)
Add Punch Times as an Employee (Web/App)

Step-by-step instructions on how to manually add a punch from our website or mobile app.

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Overview: If your employer allows for edits, you can manually add punches from our website and mobile app.

Important: In order to be able to add a punch or punch & select time, your Administrator must allow edits. If you don't have the option to edit, then your Manager or Administrator will need to add your punches for you.

Additional Resources:

Punch In/Out And Select Time (Web/App)

1. Start by logging in to your Buddy Punch account. On the Time Entry page, click the Punch In & Select Time option if you forgot to punch in:

2. Select your punch in time and shift/job codes if applicable. Click Punch In when done:

3. If you forgot to punch out, select the Punch Out & Select Time option and enter your punch out time:

App Instructions

1. If you want to punch and edit your times, you'll want to log in and choose the Punch In/Out & Select Time option. (Left image)

2. Select your punch time, any codes or shifts required, and add a note if needed. Once done, choose the Punch In button. (Right image)

3. You'll then be asked to confirm the punch by choosing Yes. (Left image)

4. You'll receive a confirmation message that you've punched in and the punch will be sent to your manager or administrator for approval if approvals are enabled. (Right image)

5. To edit existing punches, you'll want to log in and choose Time Cards in the bottom navigation. (Left image)

6. Once on the time card page, select the arrow to the right of the shift you want to edit. (Middle image)

7. You'll then want to choose the arrow next to either the Punch In or Punch Out. You can also add a break from this page if needed. (Right image)

8. You'll want to choose your new punch time, select any codes or shift necessary, and add a note if needed. Click Save once done. (Left image)

9. Once saved, you'll be taken back to the punch detail page where you'll find your new punch time immediately applied or Pending Approval depending on the account settings. (Middle image)

10. You will also see the Pending Approval notification on your time card as well. This will change to Approved once your manager or administrator has approved the edit. (Right image)


Add New Punch

1. To add a new punch, start by clicking the Edit button on your time card on the Time Entry page:

2. Once on your time card, click the Add New dropdown followed by Punch:

3. Enter your Punch In or Punch Out time and click Save once done:


Q: Why don't I see the option to edit my punches or punch and select time?

A: If you don't see the option to punch and select time or edit your punches, your employer doesn't have edits enabled for you. If you believe this is an error, please reach out to your administrator.

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