You can delete a user as an Administrator. As an Admin, select "Employees" in the top navigation, then select "View" next to the employee who you want to delete. Once in the employee's profile, you'll see the option to Delete:

When you select the Delete button, you'll be taken to a confirmation page where you'll receive the following notification:

"Warning! Deleted data cannot be recovered. This will delete the employee and all their recorded time. If you would like to retain their time, cancel the delete and instead make the Employee inactive.

Are you sure you want to delete [employees name]?" 

If you want to continue, type in "Delete" and select the Delete button:

Tip: Rather than deleting an employee, we recommend deactivating them, which will allow you to retain their time cards. Making an employee inactive will not allow them to log in and you are not charged for inactive employees.

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