Overview: You can deactivate a user from within their profile. If you deactivate an employee, you'll retain their time card information. However, they'll no longer be able to log in or punch time. They will also no longer count towards your allotted user count.

Important: Our system does not automatically deactivate an employee if they're no longer tracking time. Administrators will need to manually deactivate a user and adjust their plan if needed.

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Deactivate An Employee

1. To deactivate an employee, you'll want to start by clicking Employees in the top navigation:

2. Once on the Employees page, click View next to the name of the employee who you need to deactivate:

3. Now that you're in the employee's profile, you'll want to click Deactivate in the top right-hand corner:

4. Once saved, you'll be taken back to the employee's profile where their Active status has been updated to No:

5. Deactivated employees will also move to a new tab on the Employees page called Inactive:


Q: Does Buddy Punch automatically deactivate an employee if they aren't tracking time?

A: No, deactivating a user is a manual process and needs to be done by an Administrator.

Q: I deactivated an employee, but they still have a time card in the pay period. Why is that?

A: When you deactivate an employee, they'll remain in the pay period they were deactivated in. This is done in the event that they have time that still needs to be reported on.

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