Buddy Punch is a web-based time clock solution. This means that users can access the system from any device with an internet connection. This includes:

In this article, we'll go over how users can access Buddy Punch from a computer as well as complementary features for computer usage.


How to Login

Employees, Administrators and Managers are all able to login to their Buddy Punch accounts from a computer with an internet connection.

To do this, they would need to visit https://app.buddypunch.com/ and login using the method setup. The methods for login include:


Features for Computer Access

We have many different features available to help you meet your business needs. Please review the following topics to determine which would work best for your company.

Access Restriction

Punch Limiting
Device Locks
IP Address Locks

Employee Monitoring


Job Costing


Employee Management

Alerts and Reminders
Automatic Break Rules
Punch Rounding
Time Card Approvals

Punch/Login Methods

Facial Recognition
Kiosk (PIN)
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