Overview: The Early/Late Report allows you to determine if an employee was early/late when punching in/out of their scheduled shift. Scheduling is required to run this report.

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Using the Early/Late Report

When running the Early/Late report you will be able to choose the following:

  • Employee(s): Which employees to run the report on. You can select multiple employees or select them all at once.

  • Type(s): The Type(s) of time you want to run the report on. Options include Early In, Early Out, Late In, and Late Out.

  • Department, Location, or Position code.

  • Start Date/End Date

Once you've made the appropriate selections, click Submit to the run the report.

Please note: Any time you make a change to the filters, you will need to click Submit to run the report again.

The Early/Late report will show different information based on the filters you've chosen. In this example, we're only showing Early In punch details. Once the report is populated, you will see the following information:

  • Employee ID: This information is pulled in from the employee profile in Buddy Punch.

  • First Name/Last Name

  • Shift Start: This is when the employee was supposed to punch in by.

  • In Time: This is when the employee actually punched in

  • In Early: In this example, it states In Early > 3 Min. This means that an employee has been allowed a grace period of three minutes. Any time after that is considered early. To specify when an employee is considered early or late, go to Settings --Scheduling:

  • Shift End: This is when the employee was supposed to punch out by

  • Out Time: When the employee actually punched out:

  • Location/Department or Position: Location, Departments, or Position codes are pulled in from the schedule:



Q: My report is not updating, what do I do?

A: To run a report, you must always click the Submit button. If any changes are made to the report filters, click Submit to run the report with the new information.

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