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Punch Out Alert (GPS Signal Loss)
Punch Out Alert (GPS Signal Loss)

Step-by-step instructions on how to setup and view the punch out alert—GPS signal loss.

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Overview: The Punch Out Alert (GPS Signal Loss) is specific to our advanced/real-time GPS tracking feature that is only available on the Premium and above plans. This Punch Out alert will trigger if a worker has the real-time GPS option enabled yet their location services are disabled/not working, resulting in an automatic punch out by our system.

The reminder can be sent to an Employee, Manager, or Administrator via email, push notification, or both.

Important: This alert will only trigger if the advanced/real-time GPS option Automatic Punch Out on Signal Loss option is enabled as detailed here.

Set Up a Punch Out Alert on GPS Signal Loss

1. Start by clicking Settings --> Alerts & Reminders:

2. Then click +Add a New Alert/Reminder:

3. You'll then be able to specify:

  • The name of the reminder (This will be in the message to the employee)

  • The type (Punch Out Alert (GPS Signal Loss)

You'll then want to choose who the message should be sent to and if it should be sent via email, push notification, or both. Assign the proper workers and Save once done:

4. If you need to edit or delete the alert, you can do so by choosing the Edit or Delete buttons from the main Alerts & Reminders page:

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