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Can I delete a punch?

Shifts can be deleted by admins or managers with "Approval" access.

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Yes, punches can be deleted by administrators or managers from our web app (if managers have approval rights over an employee).

View the punch and look to the far right for the delete button. Delete is done by shift; alternatively you can edit punch in and punch out times.

  1. As an admin or manager login and visit Timecards --> View. You can edit the punch in or punch out time but can only delete an entire shift (punch in and punch out).

Don't see the delete button? Visit Settings --> Account Settings to enable it:

Mobile Application

At this time, user are not able to delete punches from the mobile app. They would need to use their mobile devices web browser to delete punches or a computer web browser.

You can delete time off as well as time entry (durations) from within the app.

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