You can enable Time Off and Time Off Accruals by going to Settings --> Time Off. Accruals can be one time transactions, or they can automatically accumulate based on a rule per pay period, after a certain amount of hours worked or on an annual basis.

As Time Off is added to employees they have a bank that gets added to. To add either one, click on the "Manage Time Off Accrual Rules" button:

From here you can add a rule of when Time Off accrues. Rules can be applied to all or a  sub-set of employees. Click on "+Add a New Time Off Accrual Rule."

From here you can create rules based on the type of Time Off. You can then add employees to these rules. If you want this rule to apply to all current and future employees, make sure to check the appropriate box:

If you would like to create one time transactions for employees, click on the "Add a New Time Off Accrual Entry" button:

You can now add a one time entry to all or a subset of employees. This is a one time entry.

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