If you'd like to take advantage of our time off accrual feature, you can do so by following the below steps:

1. First you will want to enable Time Off and Time Off Accruals by clicking Settings in the top navigation followed by Time Off as shown below:

2. Once on the Time Off page you will want to check the box next to "Allow Employee Time Off" and save.

3. A few new options will populate and you'll want to also check the box next to "Allow Employee Time Off Accruals" and save.


Setting up Earning Codes

Now that you have Time Off and Accruals enabled, you'll want to setup your earning codes. 

Earning codes can be found at the bottom of the Time Off page. By selecting Edit you can update existing codes. To create new earning codes select the +Add a New Time Off Earning Code button.


Creating Accrual Rules

Once your Earning Codes have been setup, you can now create accrual rules.

1. You will want to start by selecting the "Manage Time Off Accrual Rules" button as shown below:

2. Once on the time off accrual rules page, you'll want to select +Add a New Time Off Accrual Rule:

3. When creating your rule you will need to enter the Rule name, select the Frequency (Options include Hours Worked, Per Pay Period and Yearly) and the time off type that the accrual will be applied to.

4. For the last step, you will want to assign your employees and Save once done.

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