Here is a complete list of all reports we offer:

Payroll Export 

You’ll get a detailed Excel view of your employees, their hours, overtime, locations, and departments. You can select prior pay periods if needed.

Hours Summary Report

If you want a quick report of total hours in a given time (any time) and do not want the in and out activity, this report is for you. You can also export it to PDF or Excel.

In/Out Activity Report

This will show you all the in and out activity for every employee in a set time period.

Daily Hours Report

This report gives you hours by Day, per employee. This report includes PTO.

Time Card Report

This report is a CSV exportable version of an employee's time card. It shows the employees in/out activity and regular/overtime totals over a given pay period.

Employee Detail Report

The Employee Detail report is a PDF export containing each employee’s in/out activity and total hours for the date range.

PTO Summary Report

You specify the date range and this report gives you all PTO taken (Sick, Vacation, Personal and Holiday) per employee.

Deleted Time Report

The deleted time report will show you which punches or time entries were deleted and by whom.

Hours Report By Report

Each of these reports allows you to run time on a specific location, department, position or based on time off.

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